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Why You Should Have Your Office Cleaned by Professionals

Our commercial and professional office cleaning services are in high demand around Whistler, BC, and for good reason. Everything from your bottom line to employee health are affected by the cleanlines


Before You List Your House …

When it comes time to sell your home, there are a lot of things that you have to arrange. From finding a real estate agent to wondering if painting the kitchen is going to add to the sale price, you h


Planning for Spring

Spring is coming up, and that's why we've started thinking about spring cleaning! While you might want to wait until the weather warms up a little more to get started, we like to get started on the li


Cleaning with Kids at Home

Home ClHome If you have kids, you know that even with the help of cleaning services, your home can quickly descend into chaos. What you may not know, is that learning how to clean and pick up after th


Why It’s Important to use Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Cleaning products should not only be effective but also safe for the environment, and humans. This is increasingly important as more and more common cleaners and solvents have been noted as being dang


3 Times When You’ll Need to Call the Magic Clean This Holiday Season

You do what you can to keep your home clean, but sometimes you need to call the professionals. Life gets in the way, time can get tight, and before you know it your home is not looking as fresh and as


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