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Home Odor Removal: Get Your Home in Whistler Move-in/Move-out Clean

There are lots of ways that a home can get stinky — but not that many ways to get it smelling clean again. Here are a few of the ways that cleaning professionals get your home in Whistler move-in/move-out clean.

Hydrocide is a carpet cleaner’s secret to fast and effective odor killing. It literally destroys odors on contact. Carpet, upholstery, grout, mattresses, curtains, and even clothing can be tackled by the power of Hydrocide. No matter what the source of the scent, if it’s in a fabric or other soft material, Hydrocide can do the job.

Nilium can be run through pretty much any household steam cleaner to clear a carpet of odors instantly — or Nilium concentrate can be put in paint to deodorize nicotine-stained walls. It costs about a third of what Hydrocide costs, but it’s also effective for as many purposes. If your main complaint is that you’re afraid your home won’t smell because the carpet smells like dog, it’s the right solution for you.

Ozone Ozone — like the layer in the atmosphere — is an ion of oxygen. It’s one of the only things in the world that will completely get rid of the smell of ground-in curry powder — not even Hydrocide is completely effective for that. Ozone machines are expensive to buy and expensive to rent, and they will destroy anything made of animal. Leather, ivory, even vellum and parchment will be ruined if exposed to an all-ozone atmosphere. (Which is exactly how an ozone machine works — you seal off a room, start the machine going, and it converts all of the oxygen in the air into ozone.)

If you need to move out of your house — or you’ve bought a new one and you want to deodorize it before you move in — call a Whistler cleaning service and get a deep, nose-pleasing clean.

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