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Who Hires a Home Cleaning Service?

Unfortunately, hiring a home cleaning service comes with the stigma that you cannot keep your own house clean, you’re lazy, rich, or have high standards.

We want to remove that stigma because it isn’t true at all. Hiring a local independent cleaning service is a great investment and a way of receiving help so that you can put energy into more of the things that you find important.

Here’s a scenario:

Let’s say you’re a mother-to-be and you’re getting well into your pregnancy. Your role in the household is jam packed despite being on maternity leave – you take care of a small child, you’re still a part of various projects in your community, you have a partner and a relation to maintain, you might even still have loose-ends to tie with some contract work you’re doing, and –hello! you’re pregnant You need to take care of yourself too.

Even with your greatest efforts put in by you and your partner, cleaning can become a stressful act when you’re juggling a lot of activities.

In this situation, bending down to clean specific areas in your home is going to be really hard. And putting it all onto your partner who has his own set of stresses could prove to be a tough situation as well.

You shouldn’t be made to feel like that it isn’t okay to ask for help. You’re only human!

Consider choosing a cleaning service for your home.

It can…

  • Let you put energy into your priorities
  • Free up time to spend with family, friends and with yourself
  • Help you feel in control of your home space
  • Help you feel relaxed knowing that you set the time and frequency of your cleaning schedule

Hiring a cleaning service really isn’t any different than buying gourmet coffee or eating out a couple times a month. You can easily adjust your budget to have it work for you.

If having a sparkling pristine and healthy environment for you and your family is a priority, or simply being less stressed out is something you value, then contact us today for a free estimate today!

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