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Ways to Help Keep Your Home Clean This Summer

It is summer time and your kids are home from school now. What that means is now they have all day to contribute to the dirt, dust, and clutter that seems to move around your home in a continuous cycle. However, there is also an upside – having more people around the house makes more of a mess but also means there are more hands to help you keep it tidy.

Each person gets 3 things to do a day

Three is a pretty round number. It is big enough to make a difference around the house on a daily basis and small enough so that it does not feel like a chore to be doing it. It gives your kids a chance to try out responsibilities. They can make their beds, sort laundry, and put away dishes – or any other combo of little things that you think would be most effective in your family’s home.

Get outside!

This weather is not nearly so nice all year round – take this opportunity to make sure everyone enjoys it. The more time people spend outside, the less time they spend adding to messes inside the house. Anything from picnics in the park, to visiting the community pool, to taking a daytrip to a nice scenic spot – get some sunshine vitamin and give your house a break!

Eat Outdoors

Meals by far make some of the most mess in the house. Dishes, utensils, glasses, food spills, napkins tablecloths…meals can make a lot of mess that needs to be cleaned. Eat outside as the sun sets and the air cools off. It makes for beautiful ambiance and less mess to clean up afterwards inside.

Even when there are many hands on task, it can be a little overwhelming to keep your house as clean as you want it all the time. For that perfect amount of help you need, contact Magic Clean today!

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