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Clean-up Tips For A Business That Already Has a Cleaning Service in Pemberton BC

Businesses need to keep things clean, for everyone’s sake. The clients and customers prefer a business that has a sharp image, and the employees work harder when their environment is conducive to working. But even the best cleaning service in Pemberton BC can’t do the job alone.

Employees Should Pick Up, Too No one expects your employees to clean the bathroom — but surface cleaning at their own workstation should be an automatic, everyday event. Before you leave for lunch and before you leave at the end of the day, wipe up your main work surfaces. If you make a special mess, make a special effort to clean it up, too.

Public Areas Require Public Cleaning Restrooms, water coolers, break rooms, and other gathering places are all easy for everyone to ignore in the hopes that someone else will get around to it. Remember that in all likelihood your Pemberton cleaning service only comes in once a week — do you want that odd smell in the break room to fester for that long? If there’s too many spats about cleaning in public areas, appoint someone to take charge of the job and give them the authority to assign a someone else to do it the next day. Let it pass from person to person, and eventually everyone will get it.

Clean Correctly Don’t mix ammonia and bleach. Don’t use toilet bowl cleaner to clean the carpet. Don’t clean the microwave with Pledge or the couch with Goof-Off. We all pay attention to these things naturally at home, but for some reason — looking at you, guys — we have a tendency to just grab the nearest bottle and start squirting when we’re at work. Don’t do that. Clean up properly, or you risk making an even bigger mess.

The cleaning company will take care of your building — but you have to put a little work into taking care of it yourself, too. Between a tiny bit of effort on your part and a decent amount of work on theirs, you can keep your building tidy and work-friendly indefinitely.

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