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Cleaning with Kids at Home

Home ClHome If you have kids, you know that even with the help of cleaning services, your home can quickly descend into chaos. What you may not know, is that learning how to clean and pick up after themselves is an important part of your child’s development.

Learning how to help around the house teaches your child responsibility and helps them mature. It’s also a good way to teach them mentally beneficial habits. A decluttered and clean house reduces stress and frees the mind from worry, and this is as important for young children as it is for adults.

Here are some tips to help you involve kids in your cleaning routine:

Be patient.

Your kids will take longer than you to load the dishwasher or put the toys back in the box. They probably won’t wash their cup properly. That’s okay; the important part is that you are teaching them skills that they can practice. Don’t step in and “fix” it for them – this shows that you don’t trust them or don’t think that their work is “good” enough.

Everybody cleans.

It is important to emphasize that cleaning is a shared family activity. It shouldn’t be just one person’s job, but everyone’s responsibility. This is a good way to show your child that he or she has an important role in the family.

Allow choice

You shouldn’t be afraid to adjust the type of task based on age or interest. If your oldest really likes raking the driveway, and your youngest prefers indoor tasks, let that happen! Emphasize how harder tasks can be completed as they get older; they’ll appreciate that they are considered to be more capable than a younger sibling or that they have grown more mature.

Give freedom

Let your kids help organize their own room. Do they think it is better to keep the socks on the top drawer, or the middle? Do the toys belong in the basket, or in the closet? These little decisions will help your child take ownership of his or her space.

Have fun!

Yes, cleaning is a part of life that most people don’t enjoy, but you can make it special. Let your child turn on their favorite music, or use that time to talk about school or family stories. If you make the time meaningful, your child will associate cleaning with something they love: spending time with you.

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