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Before You List Your House …

When it comes time to sell your home, there are a lot of things that you have to arrange. From finding a real estate agent to wondering if painting the kitchen is going to add to the sale price, you have to make a lot of choices in a short amount of time. For many people, the choice that should be the most obvious is also the one that they forget or undervalue. Hire a cleaning service!

Why Should I Hire a Cleaning Service Before I Sell My Home?

When you’re selling a home, you have to understand that surface appearances matter more than you would think. People would like to believe that they chose their house based on the great quality of the plumbing, but it’s more likely that they fell in love with the way the front door looked next to the bed of roses, or how the wallpaper reminded them of their aunt’s home in middle school. When it comes to houses, the cover is important if you want potential buyers to read further.

Cleaning – and I mean deep cleaning, not just a quick tidy and scrub – is one of easiest and cheapest ways to make your home look beautiful. Potential buyers want to see light and space, so make sure that the windows gleam and the skylights are clear as an August day. Wood flooring? It should be polished until potential buyers can’t stop looking at their own reflection. From carpets to walls, everything should be given the scrub of its life.

You’ll be amazed at how different your house looks after Magic Clean finishes. It’s often the case that you don’t need paint or a new fridge to help your house look amazing – you just need a good professional clean.

If you are planning on selling your Whistler home this spring or summer, give Magic Clean a call. We can help you sell your home for more, and host potential buyers in your home worry-free!

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